The following hazards are currently active at NZNE.

Location Domain Hazard details Outcomes
Vicinity NZNE Aviation Exercise caution & maintain good lookout when operating in the area, potential for high traffic volume. RISK: Aircraft could experience loss of separation or collision.
Aerodrome Aviation Birds on airfield - Located mainly around NE end RWY 03/21 between tyres. RISK: Aircraft could collide with one or more birds
NZNE Avgas pumps/GBA apron Aviation Refuelling Hazard - exercise caution taxiing at fuel pad when helicopters present. RISK: Aircraft could impact each other or pumps causing damage JP investigating further.
Kitchen Workplace Kitchen Hazard - Exercise caution when operating equipment in club kitchen RISK: children, or indeed adults, could access and injure themselves on knives and other utensils/equipment.
NZNE Apron Aviation ONLY AUTHORISED PERSONS ARE PERMITTED ONTO THE MANOEUVERING AREA RISK: Young children or animals could make their way onto the airside of the fence unaccompanied.
Apron Aviation Apron can become busy - remain vigilant Potential collision between aircraft Potential collision between aircraft &/or ground vehicles People could walk into moving aircraft
Vicinity NZNE Aviation NORDO aircraft and drones may be present, be vigilant. RISK: Drone could collide with aircraft. Students are always having the principle of eyes outside to see and avoid reinforced to them. The subject has also been mentioned in the latest proptalk article and is also on the hazard register.
NZNE Apron Aviation Prioximity of hangar to apron - Do not taxi aircraft in "NO TAXIING" area RISK: Aircraft could taxi into hangar causing damage
Club hangar Aviation Exercise caution near door rail in hangar - trip hazard. RISK:Someone may trip. The edges could also cause tyre damage.
Hangar Aviation Exercise caution when moving aircraft in and out of hangar. Instructor must be present. RISK: damage can occur when moving aircraft in or out of the hangar. Injury to persons by moving aircraft - wings, empennage etc.
NZNE manoeuvering areas Aviation Loose stones on apron adjacent to Jet A1 pumps, exercise caution when selecting runup area RISK: damage potential to aircraft propellors, particularly during runups Ideally affected areas will be resealed in due course. Unusable area coned off until a long term solution can be implemented.
1.3km northeast RWY 21 threshold Aviation Reduced separation between aircraft established on runway 21 final approach and tree obstacles 1.3km northeast runway 21 threshold (East Coast Road), rising to 450' AMSL. RISK: Loss of separation between aircraft on final approach runway 21 and the tree obstacles.
Aviation WIRE HAZARD KAWAU ISLAND - UNMARKED On approach from Sharp Point into North Cove to land on the water abreast Beaumont Point - power lines at approx 150 feet above the water. Map available upon request.